The Si Phillips Talks Chelsea Podcast w/Dan McCarthy Featuring Tony Mount, Father of Mason! #Ep15


This week we were joined by a gold standard quality guest - the Father of our own midfielder Mason Mount!

It goes without saying that Tony delivered some top top content for us, with some really interesting insights and opinions on Mason and more.

*Apologies for a few connections issues during the show.

We covered…

  • Mason’s performances this season compared to last, and what Tony thinks his best position is.

  • Can he play in a double pivot?

  • How has the transition between Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel been for Mason, and what is he feeling about the situation?

  • Tony’s thoughts on whether Mason is a future Chelsea captain.

  • How Mason did as Chelsea captain.

  • Mason’s biggest strength in football other than his work rate?

  • ‘That moment’ when Mason told Tony he would make it at Chelsea.

  • Social media abuse of Mason, and how it’s affected those close to him.

  • Tony’s proudest Mason moment at Chelsea so far?

  • Mason at the Euros with England.

  • Tony’s advice for those who are supporting young kids at grassroots level currently.

  • Tony’s thoughts on Chelsea this season, under Tuchel, and the players who stand out to him.

  • Dan’s famous Quickfire round (nobody escapes this!)

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You can also watch this on video if you prefer, here.