The latest on Chelsea's Erling Haaland pursuit

And a look at a potential backup option

Welcome to the Weekly Haaland!

The Dortmund striker is the talk of the town and as the days go by, pretty much every report on Chelsea’s pursuit for him this summer is in sync.

Most reports initially were writing off Chelsea’s chances of signing the 20-year old striker and playing it down. However, in the last week or so the tide has been turning.

Basically all of the top sources are now reporting that Chelsea are serious in their attempt to sign Haaland this summer, and they will challenge any other club moving for him.

Whereas only just a few weeks ago, many believed it would be impossible for him to move this summer, and clubs will need to wait until his release clause kicks in in the summer of 2022.

This does certainly not mean that Chelsea WILL sign Haaland this summer, there are many factors that will come in to play.

But the club ARE prepared to sanction the move and to pay what it takes to sign him.

Would he even come to Chelsea though? Well, I think that is dependent on the package, who else is making him offers, and of course, whether we get Champions League football or not.

The fact he considered Chelsea recently before he moved to Dortmund, says that he would certainly not rule it out.

Mino Raiola is a notoriously difficult agent to deal with, but even that is not putting Chelsea off right now.

The road is long, and currently Chelsea are putting together their strategy, discussing targets, and putting the feelers out there for the potential deal this summer. But they also have alternatives.

We know they want to sign a ready made top striker, and those are few and far between.

But if they cannot sign Haaland, next on the list would be an attempt to bring Romelu Lukaku back from Inter Milan. But again, that would not be cheap, or easy.

The fact is though, a pursuit for a new top class striker is underway for Chelsea, and Haaland is a serious target.