Exclusive transfer update column from Dean Jones

Updates on Erling Haaland, Achraf Hakimi, Striker pursuit, Declan Rice, Antonio Rudiger contract, Harry Kane, and Romelu Lukaku

We are back with another exclusive for you guys!

Yesterday I spoke with reliable transfer news reporter, Dean Jones from Eurosport to pick his brains on any latest happenings at Chelsea, and I think you’ll agree, although there is nothing really advanced or overly significant going on right now in the public eye, these are some pretty interesting updates…

On Achraf Hakimi…

“I think Chelsea really thought this could be done by including players - and Inter seemed very keen on taking Alonso. Hakimi was really keen on playing in the Premier League too, he has been for a while.

At the end of the day though, Inter are in a very difficult situation financially and PSG were very quick to move ahead with putting about £60million in front of them. Chelsea weren’t going to spend that to bring him in.” - Dean Jones.

On Erling Haaland…

“I don’t think Haaland is being aggressively pursued - this is something that has been a slow build since the turn of the year and Chelsea are just starting to believe that they might - MIGHT - have a chance of getting him this summer.

“Haaland’s camp have had general terms laid out to them and I do think the fact they won the Champions League helps them. A few months back I heard he wasn’t too sure if they were the type of club that could deliver what he was looking for - it’s hard to still hold that same view.

“It’s going to take a massive offer to get him. People in Dortmund really believe that it would take about double his release fee for next year - which is 75million Euros.

“We’ve seen how Chelsea work though, they don’t let big opportunities pass without trying.

“Haaland, Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku are all being explored. They are the three men you know transform your front line.” - Dean Jones.

On Declan Rice..

“I’ve been told he’s willing to leave West Ham for a bigger club but it’s going to be a pricey deal so it’ll really depend on whether Chelsea can find better value elsewhere I think.” - Dean Jones.

On Antonio Rudiger…

“Rudiger contract talks will resume after Euros. Chelsea pushed this back when they probably should have just signed off a new £160,000-a-week contract a few months back. Since then Rudiger has taken the view he can probably get even more off them - Tuchel really rates him and wants him to stay.” - Dean Jones.

Potential outgoings…

“Think this will all become a bit clearer start of July, from what I’m told. Quite a few conversations to be had still and they will kick on with those next week.” - Dean Jones.

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